Modernize the Enterprise

Dinode xMS

A modern cloud based platform for building enterprise applications

Don’t code, configure.

Modern Enterprise Applications need a highly available, secure stable platform that addresses the needs of your organization. Dinode xMS gives you everything you need to design your next application yourself.

Using simple design elements and a clean modern interface, xMS allows you to define your business objects, integrate your existing systems, and create a complete cloud solution that is instantly available on any device at any time, inside or outside of the firewall.

xMS is designed to empower the people who understand the business to build these solutions – with lower ongoing costs, less time to build, and ensuring complete control of your critical business information.

Cloud Native

Built using tools from the leading edge, not the bleeding edge.

The xMS platform is built using a technology stack designed for the modern world. We select components and tools that have proven themselves in the real world and backed by major companies.

Building your next solution in the cloud means lower ongoing costs, no complex maintenance or deployment overheads, and always on, guaranteed uptime with industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

Forget Lift and Shift – in many cases, it’s cheaper to rebuild and migrate an existing application using our cloud native platform than it is to try to move applications that pre-date cloud computing.

Plays well with others

Comprehensive API for integration across the enterprise.

Your organization can only move as fast as the integrations between business systems. The Dinode xMS Platform includes an automatically generated, fully documented, REST API for all xMS applications, ensuring that all functionality you create is instantly available to other systems in your organization.

Your data, secured

Data sovereignty can be very important to many organisations, so we let you choose the geographical location which best suits your needs and budget.

Knowing where your data resides enables organisations to meet key compliance requirements while allowing the flexibility to store data in cheaper locations can make your budget stretch further.

We’ll keep the system running, but your data belongs to you – and we make sure it’s available to you at all times. We support multiple security frameworks for easy sign-on, and offer fine-grained access permissions and encryption to ensure your information is always protected.

Built for every device

Mobility and having a truly mobile workforce is a requirement of every organisation and digital transformation strategy today.

That’s why we’ve built the xMS platform on a mobile-ready technology platform to support your business and users all the time and from anywhere.

What could I build with xMS?

xMS aims to give you the toolkit you need to model the way your business works. Some examples of systems that can be built on the platform include:

  • Public facing Information Portals
  • Approvals
  • Task tracking
  • Case management
  • Customer Support

Building multiple solutions on the platform means you can share information, reporting, auditing, search and authentication between them.

Interested? Great!

xMS is currently in beta. If you’ve got a project that you think might be a good fit, get in touch to arrange a demonstration and we’ll help you get started!