About Dinode

What drives us

Dinode is a vibrant new Australian company with decades of experience, focused on building a new kind of Enterprise Software. The company’s founders – Gordon and Simon have spent the first half of their careers helping governments and commercial companies with their information governance systems.

What does that mean? It means we’ve worked with a lot of business systems – correspondence tracking systems, workflow systems, document and records management systems. Public facing and internal systems. Bespoke systems built in-house using obscure frameworks and those built by huge software companies with established products. Big industries, like defence, education, aerospace and resources, and smaller ones, like local, state, federal government and independent companies.

In short, we’ve spent half our lives working with Enterprise Software, and know what it takes to successfully implement it.  We understand what it takes to succeed, but more importantly, we understand the people who drive that success and how they do it with Enterprise Software.

Along the way, we learned…

  • A lot of different enterprise systems are all doing similar things.
  • Most of them aren’t very good at sharing information between each other.
  • People want their systems to be available outside of their offices, or the PC on their desk.
  • Enterprise systems are really expensive to deploy and maintain, and are often hard to use.
  • We saw that time and again, the people who understood best how the system should work were being sidelined from the development process.

We founded Dinode to solve these problems.
That’s what we’ve set out to do with our new xMS platform.

Meet the Team

Simon Driscoll

Simon built his first content management system in ASP classic when he was 19. Since then, he’s helped countless government and enterprise clients improve their information systems, migrate critical data, and refine business processes. In 2007, along with JP, he founded Kapish – a company specialising in applying these skills to the TRIM records management system (now Micro Focus Content Manager). Kapish grew quickly and developed a reputation as the premier partner for TRIM customers. The company was subsequently acquired by The Citadel Group (ASX:CGL) in 2016, where it continues to deliver great results for its customers and investors.

Gordon Taylor

Gordon started solving business problems as a fresh-faced trainee for the Department of Defence. He then branched out into developing systems and software solutions for federal government before joining TOWER Software in 2000. His work with Records Management customers in the US and Australia led him to a leadership role with Hewlett Packard, where he managed the technical sales team for South Pacific.